Veronica Sanjines named Billboard's 40 under 40
08 26, 2021

Veronica Sanjines named Billboard's 40 under 40

Veronica Sanjines
VP marketing, Warner Records

It takes more than millions of followers to launch a music career. That’s where Sanjines, 39, comes in, helping artists like Bella Poarch and Nessa Barrett “evolve from TikTok influencers to respected artists,” she says, through blockbuster launches (like Poarch’s “Build a Bitch” video) and fan-engagement plans (she has mapped out “a ton of Easter eggs” teasing Barrett’s upcoming EP). “My job is to protect the artist’s vision,” says Sanjines, who also works closely with genre-hopping rapper Ashnikko and Brazilian powerhouse Anitta.

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