Levitating makes history with #1

Levitating makes history with #1


Levitating makes history with #1

Warner’s Dua Lipa has a #1 record with “Levitating.” Congratulations are due to Messrs. Chester, Dyer and Reich and their promo team.

Happy news, indeed. But there’s a #1 every week. Why is everyone in the radio world talking about this one?

Because “Levitating” has a unique history. The song officially impacted on 10/2 of last year and peaked at #4 on 1/16. It then moved to the recurrent chart for 13 weeks, staying at #1 there for five weeks and garnering more spins than any other recurrent #1 during that time.

It previously would not have been able to return to the Mediabase Top 40 chart, but Mediabase made an adjustment to the rules, enabling the song to enter the chart three weeks ago. It hit #1 after 27 weeks in a dead heat with Justin Bieber’s “Peaches.”

“Levitating” is the little engine that could—all the way to #1—and its story is definitely the #1 trending topic in radioland.

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